Stone Silo Seafood Cakes


Handmade using a blend of shrimp, crab and scallops. Our incredible seafood cakes contain no filler of any kind. Hand formed for that “In house” look without the in house work. Our seafood cakes are fully cooked.

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Stone Silo Crab Cakes

Each 3 ounce cake contains Blue Claw, Jonah, Snow and Rock Crab for a total of 65% crab! Then we pair it with a delicate combination of spinach, parmesan cheese, seasoning and panko breadcrumbs.

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Our Best! The Mac Daddy Crab Cake

Made with all Blue Swimming Crab lumps, these crab cakes are so loaded with meat (74% Crab content) they ought to have their own shell! We are very proud of these creations! 3 ounce.

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Bayview Sandwich Crab Cake

Each one is handmade from chunks of the finest Blue Swimming Crab! Eye appealing size for sandwiches. 5 ounce or 3 ounce.

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Stone Silo Lobster Cakes


Our incredible lobster and shrimp cakes combine lumps of succulent lobster, savory shrimp and a hint of sherry. Our cakes are handmade and precooked.

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Stone Silo Stuffed Clams


A pleasant alternative to that run of the mill stuffed clam. Our stuffed clams contain “no” bread crumbs. Smooth, creamy and full of clam with a full flavor profile. 4 ½ ounce.

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