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Food Service Product

 All of our products are available in DOT Foods

prod #20646        Seafood Cakes   (shrimp,crab,scallop) all in one cake

Food service Mastercase  128 - 3oz cakes

packed @ 4/6lb boxes 32cakes each

case cube =

Ti / H         -   12x3  or   9x5     36 cases or 45 cases


product #40646  Crab Cakes  (4 different kinds of crab w/spinach,garlic and parm cheese)

Foodservice mastercase 64-3oz cakes

Packed@ 2/6lb boxes 32 cakes each

Case cube

Ti/Hi 12x6 72 cases


Product# 70647
Stuffed Clams (made w/clams,spinach,garlic and parm cheese)

Foodservice mastercase 72 /4oz clams

case cube

Ti/Hi 12x6 72 to a pallet

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